Site Variance for Main Library

Site variance for Main Library Parking Lot Improvements

Central Oak Park has been issued a variance request for improvements to be made to the parking lot of the St. Pete Library Main Branch located at 3745 9th Avenue North. The variance request application is still in the submittal stage and a hearing has not, yet, been scheduled.

Here's a summary, as provided by, Jean Totti, the Senior Capital Projects Coordinator for the city:  "The project consists of relocating handicap accessible parking to the front of the building, a new ramp and stair entrance in front and west side of the building and adding 39 additional spaces. The site variance is required because to maintain the existing condition without a sidewalk to the east side of the site between the park and 9th Ave. North. Adding the sidewalk will mean losing 19 already existing spaces and would pose a hardship given the minimal right-of-way between the edge of the existing parking lot and the curb and the established trees and existing utilities that exist along this location." 

The city has provided the following forms: ApplicationSite Plan. 

Updated info:  The applicant is seeking approval of a Site Plan Modification to provide additional parking spaces. The applicant is requesting variances for: 1) green yard, and 2) public sidewalk. This application is currently streamlined for approval on August 10, 2018.  The streamline notice letter will be mailed by July 30, 2018. The city has provided the following forms: Application 18-32000011Location Map.

To assist the COPNA Board in understanding the wishes of the community so that it can best represent Central Oak Park, please use this form to send us your thoughts and opinions. The case planner is Corey D. Malyszka, who can be reached by email at [email protected] or by mail at Development Review Services, City of St. Petersburg, PO Box 2842, St. Petersburg, FL 33731. Responses to this form will go to Jean Totti and Corey Malyszka and your input will be recorded.

If you have strong opinions on the variance request, we strongly encourage you to attend the hearing, once it's scheduled, and/or contact the case planner.