Central Oak Park Neighborhood Association (COPNA) is a voluntary membership association for all residents of Central Oak Park. As stated in our Bylaws, the goal of COPNA is to: promote a sense of community for our neighborhood; forge working relationships with the City of Saint Petersburg; foster civic participation; promote beautification and pride in the neighborhood; maintain, enhance and encourage quality housing that reinforces the character and charm of our neighborhood and provide a focal point for all neighborhood issues that affect a significant number of our residents.

Why should you join COPNA and be involved?

  • Opportunity to learn about and discuss issues affecting our neighborhood such as community resources, crime information, transportation, planning, zoning and variances.
  • Meet and network with your neighbors (Need a babysitter? Who trims your trees? Can you watch my house while I'm away?).
  • Attend social events (porch parties, December holiday event, neighborhood clean ups).
  • COPNA represents you to the City and elected officials, and the City listens to a strong neighborhood association. The strength of the association is in numbers.
  • Ability to vote at meetings and serve on committees and/or the Board of Directors.
  • Communicate your concerns or ideas to the neighborhood (speak at a meeting, serve on a committee).
  • Give back to your community. COPNA participates in charitable events such as Carefest which helps neighbors in need of having work done to their homes.
  • Contribute to our neighborhood pride!
Join COPNA to support your neighborhood, to be informed and to participate.


We offer these annual memberships:

Individual resident: $10
Household resident: $15 (all registered persons in the household over 18)
Business: $40 

Membership renewals are due October 1 of each year. New members who join at other times of the year fall under the following proration:
     a. If a member joins between Oct. 1 – March 31, the full fee will be due.
     b. If a member joins between April 1 – Sept. 30, 50% of the fee will be due. This is a Pro-rated amount of 50% since dues will renew again by Oct. 1. This equates to $5 for an individual and $7.50 for a household.

We are a self-governed community of committed volunteers. Your membership is necessary and appreciated.