Business Membership

What does my business membership include?

  • A listing on COPNA website Business Member Directory page.
  • Business Members can join the closed Central Oak Park Facebook group and post advertisements on the page (maximum of 1 per week).
  • Opportunity to attend monthly association meetings and distribute business literature, pamphlets, samples, coupons, giveaways and/or business cards
  • Ability to include a promotional item in our welcome bags which are distributed to new neighbors, thereby, increasing your exposure in our neighborhood.
  • The right to vote at association meetings and elections.
  • A voice in neighborhood plans and programs.
  • Network at membership meetings.
  • Opportunity to do a short sales / info presentation at membership meetings.
  • Attend COPNA social events like porch parties or our annual December Holiday Event.
Business Memberships are $40/annually.  In an effort to make paying dues more efficient and to notify the appropriate board members of new memberships, please fill out the form below so we have all of your information for our records. Payments can be made below, or mailed to COPNA, PO Box 12702, St Petersburg FL 33733.

Zelle: [email protected]
Paypal: [email protected] or Click Here